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Every year millions of tourists tend to go to Haiti, specially to Port-au-prince. After the earthquake, many more flood the capital for many reasons. Port-au-prince is comprised of a diverse group of people coming from all parts of the world. Many people who visit Haiti plan their trip ahead of time, so for those people and any who is looking for up to date information on the best restaurants at Port-au-Prince, we have assembled a list for their pleasure

1) Name of restaurant, location, phone number and Web site if they have one?
Ranks # 1 out of 10 in Port-au-Prince.
Rep: a) Name: KoKoYe Resto – Bar-Grill
Address: Delmas 31 # 1 auto Route Delmas Port-au-Prince Haiti.
Tel: (509) 37 72 -7000

Recommended by 75%
Excellent 3 Summary Notes
Very good 3 Kitchen
Average 2 Service
0 Poor Value
Horrible 0 Awards
Cucumber cream and the chives
Beef roulades Marseille
Bayonne ham with asparagus
Strawberries with sugar, wine, juice, fruit etc..
This is the place necessary for this restaurant.
The Depa Secure parking is his asset. An open space or break the glass and another abres conditioned, perfect service, exquisite cuisine without all the kindness and professionalism of the wife Batoni is for many, the bar is well stocked, we spent excellent evenings, as a local group has the atmosphere strongly this weekend. We recommend.
b) Epi d’Or
Ranks # 2 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Name: Epi d’Or
Address: Delmas 56, Port-au-Prince Haiti
Tel: (509) 22 46-8560
Ranks # 2 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
The single Fast Food
Recommended by 75%
Monday to Sunday, 7am to 9pm
Not bad for a Fast Food
Type; kitchen, bakery, dessert etc. ..
Excellent 2 Summary Rating
Very good 12 Kitchen
Average 5 Service
1 Poor Value
1 horrible price, Atmosphere ..
Fast food, fast Burger, warm and good mostly bread bakery, local restaurant burger.

Epi d’Or has a good cousin, lasagna, salads, dessert and sandwiches make this corner, an appointment of family and friends, the atmosphere was very tropicaisse Mc do, pancakes are delicious. In the end this cute fishing is ice cream

Not bad for a Fast Food
Must go, Epi gold as will the boards or Mc do. In short it should not be gastonome, but press e want to nibble a cheap burger or a pancake, it will do the trick: The Haitian Mc do: a real suck … Local Storm ECTT.
c) Papaya Restaurant
Ranks # 3 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Name: Papaya Restaurant
The kitchen of the restaurant papaya
Vegetable soup, snail beure garlic crab cocktail, Roti stuffed veal, carrots, ice, strawberry melba, Crown Creole chocolate, leek vinaigrette, roasted meat, poultry, seafood, Pate, Wine, juice etc.. …
Absolute class
The best restaurant in Petion-ville clean great food, nice atmosphere, very well decorated, great
Location is the favorite in port-au-prince, Haiti over all in the need ….
d) Name: table Gaius Rest
Ranks # 4 in Port-au-Prince on 10
Address: 16, Rue Self Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince Haiti
Tel; (509) 2940 July 2 27
Open Monday to Saturday
11h 4h
Kitchen Gaius
Entrance, salad, sandwich
Vegetable soup, vegetable veloute, snail beure garlic, snail jumps w / Garlu butter sauce, chicken sandwich.
Table Gaius
Caius Sandwich: Filet of beef, onions champignos, Pepper pack cheep
-Fashionable salad (grilled beefs, aggyplant, goat cheese)
-Chef salad (lettuce, tomato, olive, egg, ham, cheese)
Skewer-breaded crawfish
-Chicken Salad
Risotto with spinach, vegetarian etc.
A warm and friendly atmosphere, the cooktop is one of the best restaurants in Port-au-Prince, the atmosphere is friendly and warm and the food is delicious.
e) Chez Wou
Ranks # 5 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Name: Chez Wou Restaurant
Summarizes notes
5 Excellent kitchen
Very good 6 Service
7 Average value
Poor 3 awards
Horrible 1 Atmosphere
Recommends 5%
Omelette with potatoes, Blue d’Auvergne, grapefruit fruit, palm heart da dressing, roast turkey apples, chocolate mousse, a tomato ravioli au gratin, watercress salad, fruit etc. .. commember
Chinese food quality, it is an excellent buffet, borders on harmony creole flavor.
This restaurant is very honest steward prices, the staff is friendly and the menu has many choices. The decor is neat inside the room of the restaurant.
There is a small bar in the restaurant. Overall, this is a restaurant to try, the only one that bothers me in this restaurant is rice ..
f) The view
Ranks # 6 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Name: the view restaurant
Address: 48 Metellus, Port-au-Prince
Tel: (509) 35 13 -92 29
Great view but average frame.
Nice! European cuisine
Grilled Salmon Steaks, beure sauce, stuffed with herbs and cockerels feuillettes the morels, heart of lettuce, cheese, omelette norvenienne, boiled potatoes strawberries sugar
wine, champagne.
A great atmosphere, with background music, you’d think in a family!
I recommend this restaurant or hospitality is a measure of quality of meals …
g) Anba Tonle Restaurant
Ranks # 7 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Hot potatoes at Fort castling, Roti cold beef, ham, vegetables, fruits, fish cury song salad, custard, cuidites salad, side of beef with grass, potatoes fruites watercress, cups cherries, fruits, wine, natural juices etc. ..
Class restaurant, great food Haitian, natural juices, it is expensive, but ok. Clean and a nice decorates the staff is great, the service is waterproof, music is universal and the atmosphere is very relaxing.
h) Kay Atizan
Ranks # 8 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Name: Kay Atizan
Address: 43 Rue Magny / Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince Haiti
Kitchen caribbean
The setting is nice, the terrace concert Friday night, the food rather as affordable
Petion for: fresh juices, least, unpleasant service, too persistent server requests an increase of tip: In addition, the craft store is quality.
If you are looking for a place to eat a good Haitian food at a reasonable price, it really is the perfect place …..
i) The gardens of organic coffee
Ranks # 9 of 10 in Port-au-Prince
Name: Gardens of organic coffee
Bourdon Port-au-Prince
Address: 17 Rue Berthe Eat, Petionville
Tel: (509) 222 77 02
The h 00: 00 -23: 30
“The Organic Garden Cafe,” has come to enjoy good food, a good drink and have a good time in a pleasant place. Description Experience the relaxed atmosphere of Café Organic Garden in a covered space. With its relaxed atmosphere and fine selection of food and wines, Organic Gardens Café is a place “Must” for any visit to Petion-Ville.
In addition to our menus for lunch or dinner, A varied menu is offered, combining French, Creole cuisine and Italian with fresh pasta “made House” by Gianfranco, the Italian chef. Buffets or special menus can be prepared to make your evening a special event in Pétion-Ville.

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